iStandpipe is a unique solution providing end-to-end water filling system. Its main purpose is to provide an easy, user-friendly interface for both, end customers as well as water maintainers.

It is our goal to provide an intuitive solution where no special training is required to maintain or use the system as well as access the standpipes / water filling stations from mobile devices along with automated routines such as Invoicing.

The solution is developed and maintained by Waterman Irrigation, company with over 20 years of experience with water filling solutions and irrigation systems. The whole system is using latest technologies with cloud computing to ensure best user experience and stability.



Hardware is a high-quality equipment installated on-site to control and monitor water filling station. It allows customer to easily use provided swipe card in order to get a water - All the customer needs to do is to swipe the card and our controller will take care of rest. From opening the valve, through the usage monitoring to closing the valve.

  • Valve control

    Fully automated valve control

  • Card reader

    All that a customer needs to do is swipe the card

  • Solar power

    Our solar panels ensure to have the system operable 24/7

  • Easy installation & maintenance

    Instllation couldn't be any easier with all the equipment provided in lockable cabinet

  • Affordable

    Thanks to years of experience from the industry we are able to provide top, reliable solution for very reasonable price

Our system supports multiple valve types including Latching, Motorised and Threewire. It is also possible to use two individual valves in one water filling station.

All of our equipment matches high industrial standards and the whole system is powered using Solar panels so there is no need to worry about power supply.


Our software package is an enterprise system meeting highest technology, performance and reliability requirements.

  • 24/7 Remote access

    Access your system and standpipes 24/7 from anywhere

  • CMS

    Full customer management system including notifications and access cards management

  • Water usage statistics

    Detailed water usage statistics so you have the water usage under control

  • Remote management and monitoring

    Change standpipes's configuration (e.g. cost per kL) remotely or see who is currently logged in and using the standpipe

  • Prepaid & Postpaid

    Prepaid for payments in advance and Postpaid for payments in the end of billing period

  • Self-care

    Full self-care service for end customer to ease their access to usage logs, remaining credit, invoicing and standpipes information

  • Firemode

    Allow firefighters to use standpipe immediately without swiping the card - All remotely

  • Invoicing

    Fully automated invoicing module will generate invoices for all the postpaid customer in the end of billing cycle based on water usage - How easy is that?

The main goal is to provide user-friendly interface for water maintainers as well as self-care module for end customers. The whole solution is web-based using latest web technologies and standards including responsive design for access from mobile devices such as smartphones and tables.

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